For Parents

When is Flexable Support available to answer my questions:?

Flexable Support is here to help you from the hours of 8AM-8PM, Monday-Friday. You can reach us via the ChatBot at the bottom of this page, or by emailing us at [email protected].

What is Flexable's Virtual Childcare?

Flexable virtual childcare is safe, trustworthy, vetted and insured backup childcare for whenever childcare falls through. Our sessions are 30-60 minute, interactive and engaging video chat sessions led by a trusted and vetted Flexable Virtual Host. We utilize Zoom for these live sessions. A schedule of engaging content keeps children ages 3 -10 connecting and growing at home while providing parents a brief reprieve for work or self-care. Click here to see what virtual childcare looks like! 

How do I get my organization to offer Flexable as a benefit?

Flexable can partner with your organization to bring partially or fully subsidized childcare to employees at your organization! Request backup childcare as a benefit at your organization by downloading the Employee Benefits Request Form!

What is the age limit for childcare?

Virtual Childcare is for children ages 3 – 10 years old.

How long are the Virtual Childcare sessions?

Virtual Childcare is can be scheduled in 30 or 60 minutes blocks. One of the additional benefits of virtual childcare is that there is very little setup time and no commute!

How do I book Virtual Childcare?

Sign up here! 

You’ll be able to choose between on-demand and pre-scheduled sessions:

On-Demand: These sessions are one-on-one when you need them most! You can choose the host you’d like or ask for a random selection based off the time you’d like care.

Pre-scheduled: These sessions are scheduled at least the week in advance and offer a variety of enrichment options. Find the class you’d like and choose the slot that works for your family! Don’t see a time that works? From the camp description page you can choose book 1:1 to be taken to that host’s availability for other times!


Whether you book one-on-one or from our pre-scheduled camps, you’ll be able to see class descriptions, materials needed, and access registration and payment all with a few clicks!

I booked Virtual Childcare! What next?

After purchasing your sessions, you will be sent an email with a zoom link and information about your childcare such as date, time, the name of your Virtual Host, materials needed, and any other considerations.

You’ll also receive that reminder email at least 45 minutes before the start of your session.

Each Zoom meeting room will open 10 minutes prior to the start of the program. Before your scheduled camp, we recommend you and your child spend some time getting acquainted with Zoom and it’s features, such as using computer audio, muting and unmuting, testing your internet speed, etc. Read more about using Zoom here.


If you have trouble accessing the meeting using the provided credentials, please contact the Zoom help line directly. Participants are responsible for their ability to access the Zoom meeting room. Refunds will not be given if an individual fails to connect within the designated time period.

When you enter your session you will enter into a “waiting room.” This is to assure that only participants that are scheduled to join sessions are able to enter. The Virtual Host will permit you to enter the session.

What type of activities happen during Virtual Childcare?

Each week, our schedule of MiniCamps will be broken down into age ranges, such as 3-5 year olds and 6-10 year olds. Our goal is to provide a time for children to feel connected to other children and have fun.

For younger children, we offer a Circletime — think of it as having the little ones sit around our virtual carpet and connect. There might be a show + tell that day or perhaps a storytime. We find that this age range has A LOT to say, and we’re here to help listen!


For kids in the 6-10 year old range, we’re excited to offer a revolving, dynamic schedule of MiniCamps activities. These will range from movement, art, and easy snack making camps to camps that feature math games and beginner novel reading. And every week we’ll offer this age range access to a Campfire: a less structured camp where kids can connect with each other with the help of guided questions about their interests from the Virtual Host.

From time to time we offer special themes for our camps, such as a Back To School Bootcamp in the last few weeks of summer, holiday themed camps, and more.

See our available camps here.

I don’t have the materials for the session! Can my child still participate?

Yes! Many children truly just love joining or sessions for the socialization and interacting with children in a similar age range. If you child doesn’t have the materials needed but really want to learn about the activity, they are always welcome to join the session!


As a team of working parents ourselves, we know how getting materials ready and kiddos logged on is a task in itself! We designed our camps with parents and caregivers in mind — camps that are fun and engaging but require simple, common household materials.

I have multiple kids! Do I have to sign them up separately?

For each session of Virtual Childcare purchased you are charged for a “per device” use not per child. This works for on-demand, one-on-one care (one device on one device) or our pre-scheduled group camps. Our suggestion? We’ve had up to 3 siblings use one device comfortably.

Sign up here! 

What is your refund policy?

As moms ourselves, we know life happens  – and sometimes we can’t commit to the things we’ve already signed up for! That’s why we have a comprehensive Refund policy to ensure the satisfaction of all our Flexable Friends.
  • You can cancel a Minicamp within 24 hours of the scheduled MiniCamp time, and receive a full refund.
  • If for any reason, Flexable cancels a class in advance, you will receive a full refund.
  • If the start time of a class is rescheduled, you will receive a full refund upon request.
  • If you miss a class, you are not entitled to a refund.
  • If your child(ren) have not joined the meeting 10 minutes after the start time, this is considered a missed camp and not entitled to a refund.

Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions and for a refund.

Is Virtual Childcare Safe?

Each Flexable Virtual Hosts has thorough background checks and clearances. Often, our hosts are teacher aids or childcare workers already! By utilizing Zoom, we have included features such as randomly generated Meeting ID’s and locked waiting rooms to ensure safety. Increased safety is just one of the many benefits of virtual childcare!

Are you fully licensed and insured?

  • While Flexable is not a licensed daycare facility, we are fully insured, and all of our staff are fully vetted and have their Childcare Clearances.  Also, you will sign a Childcare Liability Waiver when you drop you children off.
  • Flexable is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Please take valuables with you.

What are the rules of conduct for Virtual Childcare?

Yes! We ask that all children that join us for virtual childcare sessions refrain from using profanity, are kind to other children on the session, and are a team player! If they are not, Flexable may remove them from the session at the Virtual Host’s discretion. Read more in our term and conditions.

I'm interested in working for Flexable.

Our team in growing! One of the main benefits of virtual childcare services is that employees can have a flexible work schedule and can work from their home.


See more on our Careers Page.

My question isn’t listed here!

If you have any other questions, please email us at [email protected] – we appreciate your feedback!

Do you have gift certificates?

Yes! We offer gift certificates for purchase – click here to purchase!

Do you offer Group Discounts or Packages?

While we don’t offer group discounts, we do offer gift certificates (See above) If you have any suggestions you’d like to offer the team, please contact us at [email protected]

My kids loved their host! Where can I leave my feedback?

We’re so glad you and your kids loved your Flexable virtual childcare session! Shortly after each session, you will receive a survey which gives you the opportunity to provide feedback and rate your caregiver.

How do you vet your hosts and what are their backgrounds?

Our caregivers go through a rigorous 5-point screening process, including SSN background checks, to ensure safety and quality in all of our caregivers. Read through our Safety Protocols for more information

What is the cost of a session?

For individual classes, Flexable’s pricing is as follow:


30 minute group class $15
60 minute group class $30
30 minute 1:1 class $30
60 minute 1:1 class $45

Can I book a standing session every week?

As of now, you can book up to two weeks out on our booking platform. If you’d like to book a standing meeting per week, please get in touch with us at [email protected] and we’ll get you set up!

Where can I find what classes are available?

You can always find what classes are available by going to our booking app at or my getting in touch with us at [email protected]!

Is my spouse, grandaughter, etc. able to use my benefit that my company administers?

This is entirely at the discretion of your organization – some organizations allow employees to pass their benefits onto their entire family (including extended family) so check with your HR manager.

Can Virtual Hosts Engage My Child with Exceptionalities?

We are well aware that all children learn differently, need to be engaged differently, and have different ways of expressing their feelings. We’ve had the question pop up, ‘Could a virtual host engage with my kiddo if they have learning differences?’ The answer is yes, AND you know your child best; use that as your guide, too. Here’s what I mean:


We’ve taken the time to vet and hire hosts that truly love what they do. Some of them have very niche gifts that they share with the children while others are just in general very engaging and able to connect with children easily. The types of activities that our hosts do with our children span across ages, genders, cultures, and yes, learning differences. Take, for example, music with Vanessa; music is one of those beautiful wonders that can touch each person differently, and literally has no prerequisite to learning from it. Then there’s Rachel who often shares stories, drawing, and character making. Again, this is a topic that lends itself to differentiation so perfectly. Finally, David with his clay creatures and drawing is able to capture the heart of all children in their wonder of creativity and making ‘something’ out of ‘nothing.’ It’s  a joy to watch these folks share their passion for their art AND children. Our thirty-minute classes are most likely going to fit a child best who may have some exceptionalities, but I am confident that we have classes for every child.

As I mentioned above, you know your own child best. If you feel that there is no way he or she would ever sit in front of a computer, interact, and follow a lesson from someone they’ve not yet met, then perhaps this won’t be the best fit for them. We trust your judgement, and if you’re interested in trying a class, please reach out. We can find one that fits your needs!

For Caregivers/Hosts

What is a Virtual Host?

Virtual hosts are the heart and soul of Flexable. They create lessons that are engaging and enriching. They connect with kids, virtually, in a way where they feel seen and heard. Hosts also provide kids, who are often not in physical school, with opportunities to socialize SAFELY outside their own family.

What are the requirements to become a Virtual Host?

  1. Begin with a passion for teaching and working with children ages 3-10
  2. Have 1+ years experience teaching and/or managing children in a group setting (virtual teaching experience as well as experience working in a camp or school setting is a plus)
  3. Possess the ability to communicate clearly, maturely, and compassionately with participants while effectively relate to diverse groups of children from all socio-economic groups
  4. Have access to a computer or laptop with video conference capabilities (camera/microphone) and a strong WIFI connection. Preferred ZOOM experience
  5. Have scheduling flexibility Monday – Friday, from 8 am – 9 pm EST
  6. Apply online and submit a short video demonstration


Check out our Career Page for more information and to view open positions

Do you background check hosts?

Yes! As a business that engages with “vulnerable individuals” (children), Flexable conducts criminal record checks for misdemeanor and felony convictions and incarceration before hiring employees and contractors. This is done to protect against lawsuits for negligent hiring.


Flexable conducts the following checks for all contractors and employees:


  • Nationwide Criminal SuperSearch -This is a 50 state check of criminal records, sex offenses, fugitive check, homeland security check and dui convictions (limited to certain states).
  • Nationwide Sex Offender Registry Search – search of the National Sex Offender Registry, includes all 50 states and the District of Columbia
  • OFAC/Global Terrorist Search – From the US Dept of Treasury and the Office of Foreign Assets Control, a list of all Specially Designated Nationals that per the US Patriot Act, we are not to do business with
  • Social Security Trace Plus – returns all aliases used by a person, a 10 year address history and all Social Security Numbers associates with the applicant’s credit file. 
  • 7 – Year County/State Court Criminal Check – A search of criminal records in states and local jurisdictions where an applicant or employee lives and has resided in the past 7 years. Searches should include checks for felony and misdemeanor arrests and/or convictions.


*On-site Caregivers require one additional check, the PA Child Abuse Clearance.

I’m only available part time, can I become a Virtual Host?

Yes! Sessions are 30 or 60 minutes in length and are designed to be booked on-demand, when and where parents need help to keep kids engaged so they can get work done or take a break. 

Flexible offers sessions weekdays between 8 am – 8:30 pm ET / 5 am – 5:30 pm PT. 

Some job postings may be for preferred hours to cover our current needs. Consideration will be given to those candidates with the availability that matches the preferred hours. Hosts are requested to submit their availability 2 weeks in advance.


See open positions on our Career Page

Do hosts receive any coaching or training?

Yes! Hosts begin with a Focus on content creation and camp preparation. We have a certified teacher with a decade of elementary school classroom teaching experience in a high performing public school district that is leading our content development, but this is where you can get creative. The Hosts will review demonstrations of camp and receive coaching from the Flexable team. Hosts will receive Feedback on their first camps and any other issues and have standing office hours to schedule a call with a manager. Flexable also provides Monthly newsletter with information, highlights, shout outs, and tools to help with camps.

I’m pursuing a Degree in Education, why should I be a Virtual Host?

This is a one of a kind teaching opportunity!  Virtual learning is a part of our life now and will be moving forward. 

You get to work in a SAFE virtual learning format, with small groups of kids, ages 3- 10. You can learn how to create your own curriculum or get more comfortable with Virtual learning using content from our extensive library.


See more information on open positions on our Career Page

I am currently a student or work for an education school and would like to share Flexable with others at my school. How do I do this?

That’s fantastic!  Virtual learning is a part of our life now and will be moving forward. Many colleges of education are incorporating virtual learning training opportunities into their curriculum.  We do have  school based partnerships in place.  If you are interested in introducing Flexable to your career services office or adding us as a partner for observation hours or student teaching opportunities please contact [email protected]

For Employers

My Employees need these benefits! How do I partner with Flexable?

Flexable makes it easy to partner with organizations looking to support their working parents! Now you can offer emergency backup childcare services as an employment benefit within the next 3 days! Here’s how:

  1. Schedule a meeting with the Flexable Sales Team to discuss offering childcare benefits
  2. Once we understand your needs, we will create a custom portal for your company
  3. You provide a custom URL for your employees to immediately book virtual childcare EXACTLY when it’s needed
  4. Enterprise customers – Ask about our Concierge Childcare Service! Now your working parent employees can add us to their work calendar for a care appointment and our hosts will be ready and able to provide virtual childcare exactly when it’s needed

To start virtual childcare sessions for your staff, the process is easy! Simply contact us at [email protected] and our Account Managers will create a customized plan for you that suits the needs of your company and employees.

Once created, your employees will have on-demand access to our portfolio of hosts, camps, and will be signed up to receive our newsletter which offers tips and tricks for working at home with children.

What is virtual childcare?

Flexable virtual childcare is safe, trustworthy, vetted and insured backup childcare for whenever childcare falls through. Our sessions are 30-60 minute, interactive and engaging video chat sessions led by a trusted and vetted Flexable Virtual Host. We utilize Zoom for these live sessions. A schedule of engaging content keeps children ages 3 -10 connecting and growing at home while providing parents a brief reprieve for work or self-care. Click here to see what virtual childcare looks like!

How does backup childcare differ from the backup care we currently offer at our office?

Unlike traditional backup care, which is usually either on-site, or in person in some capacity, our backup care is 100% virtual, making it totally safe and on demand. Since Flexable performs a 5 point background check on all our caregivers, we ensure safety and high quality care exactly when it’s needed

How much does it cost?

    • For individual classes, Flexable’s pricing is as follow:
30 minute group class $15
60 minute group class $30
30 minute 1:1 class $30
60 minute 1:1 class $45


If you are looking to add Flexable “Always There” Childcare to your benefits set, contact our sales team at [email protected] and we’ll set up a demo or lunch and learn and provide you with a price quote! Ask about our “Concierge Service” as well!

What ages do you cover?

Flexable Virtual Childcare sessions are perfect for children ages 3-10, and many classes are tailored for specific age groups. Check out our booking app to see all available classes and age ranges!

What times do you have coverage?

Flexable virtual childcare is available Monday through Friday from 8AM-8PM EST. Both scheduled and on demand classes can be scheduled any time in that window

How do you make sure the child sits through the 30-60 minutes?

In this day and age, zoom fatigue is real, especially for elementary aged kids who are homeschooled. At Flexable, we’re committed to creating a “different” kind of screen time, that is engaging and entertaining, but most of all, interactive. Kids who attend Flexable virtual childcare sessions are in small groups or 1:1 with an instructor and are rarely muted – in fact they are encouraged to interact with the instructor as well as their peers! In addition, many of our sessions involve movement, drawing, coloring and other fun interactive activities that keep children engaged.

Can I book more than 60 minutes?

You can certainly book two classes in a row, but right now our classes are in 30-60 minute blocks. As demand changes we may change the duration of the classes as well.

Do you have caregivers for special needs or different learning?

We have several caregivers who are certified educators and have other certifications. We are actively working to recruit new caregivers and develop training modules to accommodate special needs or different learning needs

Are you FSA eligible?

Please work with your employee HR group to see if Flexable Virtual childcare is eligible for your company’s FSA program.

My question isn’t listed here

If you have any other questions, please email us at [email protected] – we appreciate your feedback!