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I’ve been homeschooling my 4yo. Decided to sign him up for a Flexable Care virtual class this morning to give him a chance to do something different and talk to others. He absolutely loved it and asked to do more.

Highly recommend!!


Carla Freiz, Pittsburgh mom and Videographer

Red headed child with a book bag, and holding a book. The child is waving.

I was blown away by our flexible experience. Cheryl provided 1 on 1 childcare and Hanah was entertained the entire time. They read books, colored and sang songs. On the personal side, I was able to focus on my work meeting with zero interruption, this was the first time in a year this was possible.


Caitlin Banks Iseler
Founder & CEO, happyly

Just a quick note to say thank you! Our almost-four year old has really loved the virtual classes. All the classes that we have signed up for have had really great teachers!

Wishing you all the best and my sincere thanks!


Bridget, Buchanan Ingersol

girl with both hands in the air, and one leg in the air, in excitment
Illustration of 3 kids holding hands

Our 3.5 yo loved the class and I think a few more and she’ll be comfortable to participate without me. Miss Rachel did a great job engaging her and moving the activities along.


Flexable Parent

“Flexable is the absolute best. This schedule is perfect and is really helping us. Our daughter’s time with these great caregivers makes her feel special and happy for sure. She talks about them all the time. I learned that when she went back to school and they worked with clay, she was so confident and was interacting with classmates and showing them what she learned from Mr. Dave. She can be shy with her peers and that’s been a challenge. This was such a positive development for her, out of such a challenging time.”

Emily Thomas

Little girl wearing orange and a blue backpack

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