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Flexable offers virtual, on-demand child care services so that your staff can give their full attention during meetings, presentations, and working on large projects while their children are taken care of. 

Study after study has shown that the pandemic will forever change the way that companies operate and the expectations that employees will have of their employers. At Flexable, we believe that flexibility is the future of work and crucial to support working parents. But, what are the benefits of working from home for employers?

As employers rethink what their workplaces look like post-pandemic, leaders must consider the benefits of flexible work schedules and remote-work for employees but also benefits of working from home for the employer.

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5 Key Ways to Retain Working Parents

From improving employee retention and satisfaction to increasing the ease of recruiting quality candidates, the benefits are clear. However, though there are many benefits, there are also additional needs to take into account when creating a flexible working environment. 

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One of the most important issues that employers will face is how to support their employees with children at home. How can employers make their employees feel as though they can be just as productive at home as they would in the office? The answer is simple – considering child care options for employees. 

Employers have a choice. You can fall behind on this obvious shift in the workforce or you can thrive at the forefront. Contact us and let us show you how.