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Childcare Breakdowns Have a Huge Impact to your Bottom Line

With the onset of Coronavirus pandemic, businesses have taken a hit. Employee childcare benefits have never been as necessary as they are now. Nearly 76% of working families have been left with partial or no childcare coverage, which drains even more productivity from the American workforce. To ask our employees to be full-time parents and full-time employees is impossible and is costing companies valuable staff. Working from home with kids can feel impossible. 


COVID-19 specifically has been shown to drain nearly 3 hours of productive time per day from the American worker due to childcare breakdowns.*


What was once a thriving office has now transformed into an endless series of Zoom calls and stressed employees trying to juggle everything with no safety net. But childcare has always been an issue for working parents – this is nothing new. Now we know even more strongly that we need a different kind of backup childcare, which includes unique services like virtual caregiving, to provide innovative support structures for working parents.  Employee childcare benefits are the solution that employers are searching for. 

*(Source: Cleo State of Working Parents Study


The workplace is transforming in front of our eyes – and in order to retain happy, productive staff, offering nimble, flexible benefits is the key.


Flexable has the solution that takes the burden off of your employees to both work and play parent at the same time, while getting them back to close to pre-COVID productivity levels, all while making you look like a superhero in the process. Flexable provides “Always There” Childcare and is committed to being there for your parent employees when they need us!

Flexable has provided on-demand childcare for hundreds of organizations, supporting thousands of working parents around the country. Let us help you! Click here to speak with us about our company offerings.

How is Flexable Backup Care Different?


Fully virtual to safely support remote working parents


High quality, vetted, and insured Virtual Hosts

Fun for kids 3-10

Fun, engaging activities for kids age 3-10

Impact of parents working from home with kids
Cost to Companies of employees working from home with kids

Flexable’s On-Demand, Virtual Childcare Supports  Parents Working at Home with Kids by Filling in the Gaps

1:1 care. A circle with a woman reading a kid a book on their lap
  • Customer meetings
  • Job interviews
  • Remote work
  • Fully vetted, background-checked caregivers
  • Great for back-up care and last-minute work meetings
Group Care. Image in circle of Young woman working with baby on her knees
  • Team meetings
  • Trainings or conferences
  • Networking events
  • Themed-based, hosted activities
  • Small groups, only 5 – 6 users
  • Kids can socialize with peers

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