Parents who have worked Flexable group classes into their children’s routines have loved seeing their little ones build rewarding relationships with our caregivers and other children in their groups. Parents who have called on Flexable in a pinch for backup care have described seeing their kiddos blossom with creativity and inspiration in independent play for hours following a 1:1 Always There Childcare session. Our virtual babysitters are here to jump-start your family’s quality of focus and play anytime you need us.

Women with headphones on, looking at computer screen and waving
Children Playing on Molecules.

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”

Fred Rogers

Flexable offers working parents several options for childcare services based upon their specific needs which can be easily scheduled through the booking platform. Parents are able to choose between two options for childcare services – 1:1 sessions at the specific time requested by the parent or a pre-scheduled group class.


Prescheduled Group Classes

Group classes are offered regularly throughout the week and consist of a variety of different caregivers and topics to suit the needs and interests of each individual child. Children will not only be active and engaged throughout these pre-scheduled sessions but they will also have the opportunity to socialize with other kids who share their interests.

Class descriptions, costs, and caregivers are listed for each class in our booking app and can be easily scheduled online by clicking the “book now” button associated with the class. 

1:1 Always There Childcare – Booking Virtual Babysitters

For parents that need to request virtual babysitters for a specific time, the option to book 1:1 virtual childcare with one of our highly trained caregivers is available. This makes it simple for working parents to engage their child in an activity with a licensed caregiver that will give them an uninterrupted 30 0r 60 minutes to get work done. 

To book virtual childcare on demand, simply visit the Flexable booking app and complete the form on the top section with the dates, times, and duration of the requested care. A caregiver will be made available to you.